About Taiwan

Taiwan, officially the Republic of China, also known as “Formosa” (beautiful island) was named by Portuguese traders in the 16th century. Taiwan is located at the heart of Asia, making it the perfect travel destination and transfer station. Though a small island, Taiwan possesses rich natural resources and extraordinary cultural diversity. The different ethnic groups allow this island to coalesce into a colorful place that reflects harmony and common prosperity. For further information, please click here.

General Information


Mandarin is the official language. English is spoken quite extensively.

Time Zone

Taiwan is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


Taiwan enjoys warm weather all year round and is extremely suitable for travelling. At the time of the conference, the average temperature at Sun Moon Lake is 19.2℃. For more weather information, please visit Central Weather Bureau.

Credit cards

Most credit cards such as Master Card, Visa, JCB, and UnionPay are widely accepted throughout the island. ATM machines are wide spread.

Electrical supply

The local power supply is AC 110 Volt / 60 Hz with type A outlets, the same as the USA and Japan. Most hotels provide outlets for 220 volt appliances, but travelers with electrical appliances that run on a different current from 110V are recommended to bring a converter.

Tipping & Tax

Tipping is not customary but it is appreciated. A 10% service charge and a 5% value-added tax may be included in room rates or meals. Most taxes are already included in prices of products or services.


Free public Wi-Fi service is available across Taiwan city both indoors and outdoors. The SSID of Wi-Fi access is iTaiwan. Visitors who wish to use the service can set up an account with valid mobile phone number. To check the free public Wi-Fi service inT aiwan, please click here.

In addition to the free Wi-Fi access, payable SIM card are also available in convenience stores, telecom company and airport.

Exchange rates

The New Taiwan Dollar (NT$) is the currency used today in Taiwan. The exchange rate is approximately NTD31.7 to USD1. Like most countries, they come in the forms of bills and coins. Foreign currency exchanges are easy to access. Exchange service is available at the airport, banks, hotels and large department stores. For up to date exchange rates, travelers please visit the currency website.